Black Clouds in Manila, a novel by Tessie Jayme
by Tessie Jayme
Black Clouds in Manila
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Here are some of the artifacts that my family and I have gathered from the web to aid in the research for this book!

Tribune newspaper of Manila, Philippines
from page, April 24, 1942.

A leaflet that was used as a guide on how to
surrender to the Japanese Army.

A 100 Pesos note made by the Japanese during the occupation.

Map of Bataan 1942

Taken from: Philippine Islands History | Corregidor Island | Tourism Philippines

Seattle Star front page, December 8, 1941.

Warning for local residents to keep their
premises sanitary or face punishment.

A Japanese soldier standing in front of an American propaganda poster during the occupation of the Philippines in 1943.

Map of Luzon, Philippines showing Japanese landings
and advances from December 8, 1941 to January 8, 1942.

A Sherman tank at the ruins of the Fort Santiago gate in Intramuros, February 28, 1945.

"Ms. Jayme has done something wonderful. A great read."- Diane C.