Black Clouds in Manila, a novel by Tessie Jayme
by Tessie Jayme
Black Clouds in Manila
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My parents: Francisco & Paciencia, 1948

  My parents: Francisco & Paciencia, 1956

Father's Day Tribute - by Tessie Jayme
Hey, Pop, happy Father’s Day to you up there in heaven! 
I remember when I was 13 years old and you were building a fence in our yard.  I thought, “Gee, he’s so old (55)… I’d better help him.”  You took lumber and cut the rail pieces so precisely.  I held the wood in place so it wouldn’t dance around while you sawed patiently away.  Then I helped you paint the finished product so it matched the color of our house.  At the time, I thought I was helping you.  Now that I realize you’d built dozens of our little huts in the Philippines when I was a child, I realize I wasn’t so much helping you, but you were building me into what I am today. 
You taught me patience, kindness and the fulfillment that comes when you think you’re helping someone.  You taught me that even when someone’s in your way and holding you back, you proceed forward as if that someone were the greatest help in the world.   
Thanks, Pop, you were a great teacher and carpenter.
Top Row: Nelia, Tessie, Lucibar
Second Row: Nemesia, Pop, Amabelle
Third Row: Ophelia