Black Clouds in Manila, a novel by Tessie Jayme
by Tessie Jayme
Black Clouds in Manila
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About the Author
Tessie Jayme wrote her first novel when she was 16 years old during summer vacation before her senior year in Pittsburg Sr. High, California. She is a strong proponent of the concept that humans currently use only 10-12% of their brain capacities and strives always to enliven the other 88-90% of her potential.

Her first novel needs a serious rewrite before publication… and may never get rewritten.  However, she has since published two non-fiction works:  “BOOK OF YES,” and “I DREAMT I WAS NAKED.”  Additionally, she has published “ATOP PEGASUS,”  a novel of forbidden love.

She is in the process of publishing a science fiction fantasy trilogy series, “PEACE WARRIORS OF THE GALAXY.” Many other novels are in the planning and research stages. Her most recent novel, "BLACK CLOUDS IN MANILA" was published in April 2014.

You can check out excerpts on the Facebook page:

Meanwhile, a sequel to “BLACK CLOUDS IN MANILA” is in the works… tentatively titled, “BLUE SKIES IN AMERICA.”

Tessie’s home is in Arizona, but because she cannot resist the magic of the movie world, she often visits Los Angeles, California to spend time with her daughter and daughter-in-law and their cats at their home.

"The first time I received the draft manuscript of this gripping literary work, I stayed glued to my computer until 4:00 AM, Philippine time. 
This is a book that a reader can’t put down until the end. It’s as if I was there… right in the middle of the action and scenes. 
I’m not the kind of person to pay easy compliments, but this manuscript deserves it."  Evangeline C.

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