Black Clouds in Manila, a novel by Tessie Jayme
by Tessie Jayme
Black Clouds in Manila


Black Clouds in Manila: The Trilogy

When the Japanese attacked the Philippine Islands on December 8th, 1941,Torio and Rissing Santos have been married for nine years. The Japanese occupation in Manila gave the Imperial Army a strong foothold in the Philippines, which created chaos, confusion and panic among the population. In fact, World War II was an event which created chaos, confusion and panic all over the world. The multiple aftereffects resonate to this day.
The Santos Family survived the occupation, as did many of their friends and relatives. This novel follows the drama and adventure of their joint and separate journeys, and the challenges which shaped their characters and lives.
In the wartime years that follow, Torio, as a Filipino Scout under the aegis of Douglas MacArthur’s USAFFE forces, struggles to survive the daily battles, as well as illness and disease in the dense, mosquito-ridden jungles. Rissing and her children evacuate Manila, living with various relatives, avoiding confrontation with Japanese soldiers who have no qualms killing civilians in order to impose authority over the Filipino populace. Their children are forced to accept challenges which no child should have to endure, and their love for each other is tested… almost beyond endurance.
This is not a war novel. It’s a family novel and a love novel. Throughout existence, there have been many wars and many families. Love permeates through it all, weaves its magic indiscriminately, and proves, as always, the resourceful spirit of the human condition. Learn more

 "Just finished Book 1 and absolutely loved it! Couldn't put it down." - Valerie J